St Pete Custom Kitchen and Bath Remodels


St Pete custom kitchen and bath remodels are a remodeling company who provide you with remodelling contractors here at St Pete. We provide quality and best remodelling contractors who offer the best remodelling services at St Pete to its clients. We make improvements to homes or innovate out clients’ kitchen and bathrooms. We also deal in home addition or house additions. We provide you with guidelines and best communication on how to remodel your homes. We also ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services. What we require of you is trust and a little belief that we will do quality and the best work. If you partner with us in remodelling your home, we will make sure to quench your expectations.

We assure you that you are in good hands for whatever remodelling design and category that you will need. We will provide you with samples and recommendations for you to choose what is best for you.



Our remodelling categories include:

  • Kitchen remodel
  • Bath remodel
  • Home additions among others.


  • Kitchen Remodeling

We are a legit kitchen remodelling contractors with professionals and experienced workers who will take care of everything that you need.in our kitchen remodelling category, we provide services such as:

  • Kitchen cabinet remodelling
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Kitchen tile and stone
  • Kitchen sinks, fixtures and faucets
  • Kitchen windows and doors
  • Kitchen painting
  • Kitchen flooring
  • Kitchen designs
  • Restaurant kitchen remodelling



At St Pete Remodel Company, we deal in both tradition kitchen remodelling and restaurant kitchen remodelling. Though we provide services to both kitchen categories, we mostly concentrate on the remodelling of restaurants. Therefore, if you want to set up a restaurant kitchen, at St Pete kitchen remodelling contractors, we are the best in kitchen remodelling and we promise to surpass your expectations. What you simply need to do is just choose a kitchen design of your choice or the preferred remodel then our agents will be right at your door to provide you with the best and professional skills ever.



Kitchen Restaurant Remodeling

Restaurant remodelling usually costs a huge sum of money and finances. That is, depending on the type of restaurant kitchen remodelling that one wishes to set up. If you are starting from scratch, the remodelling and innovation will cost more than a restaurant kitchen remodelling that already exists and has some equipment. The place where you want to situate your restaurant will also play a big role in the cost that you will incur during remodelling and innovation. Not to forget, the quality of the remodelling that you will need, prefer and that will interest you.st, Pete kitchen remodelling contractors offer you kitchen categories and varieties that are suitable for your restaurant. Therefore, we will remodel your restaurant for you according to what you prefer and the cost that you are willing to incur.

At Pete custom kitchen and bath remodels, we offer kitchen contractors who are high professionals and experienced. Therefore, we ensure that your needs are met.



Recommendations when choosing a restaurant kitchen design

  • Comfortability

We advise all our clients to choose a kitchen design that will make both your chefs and servers’ comfortable .that is, the kitchen design chosen should be fitted with charging zones, cabinets for personal storage and provide easy supervision of work to the supervisors.

  • Adhere to the government code of conduct

At St Pete kitchen contractors, we recommend that all our clients remodel their kitchens in a way that adhere to the set of rules so as to avoid always explaining yourself to the government people and paying heavy fines.

  • User-friendly

We recommend that you choose a kitchen model that is user-friendly that is, choose a model that accommodates all kitchen activities and that provide extra happiness to the chefs and your kitchen workers.

  • Energy friendly

Choose a kitchen design that is energy friendly. That is, the kitchen design chosen should not make you as our client to spend excess money on energy. For example, choose a design that will place the cookers at the same place to avoid wastage of energy.

Aeration is another aspect when choosing a kitchen design. This is to avoid suffocation and excess smoke that might pile in the room due to poor aeration.



Composition of the Restaurant Kitchen

Restaurant kitchens are composed of:

A place to store utensils.

Cleaning area.

Serving customer area.

Cooking of food area.

Waste and dumping area.


  • Cleaning

This section includes equipment such as sinks. Your restaurant cleaning area should be near the entrance especially for line restaurants. This is to make sure that servers and chefs can easily drop and wash the dishes and utensils.st, Pete kitchen remodels offers you a variety of sink countertops .example, sink made of glass, tile, granite, stone and Cambria.


  • Serving customers

In a restaurant kitchen, there must be a service section. This is usually the last one in a kitchen restaurant. The serving professions in this section will pick food and clean dishes to serve the customers. Therefore, the service area should be in front of the kitchen.


  • Cooking of food area

This section of the kitchen is usually divided into baking, grilling and frying. This is an important area in the restaurant kitchen where food and important meals are finished and prepared.at st Pete kitchen remodelling contractors, we offer equipment for your cooking area and advice on how it should look like. Not to forget, the categories that we recommend for your restaurant. This area of your restaurant should be near your service area.



  • Storage area

The storage area is divided into sections. Your restaurant kitchen should be split into food storage, on-food storage and utensils and dishes storage.at st Pete remodelling contractors, we recommend the use of cabinets for your storage needs. We have teddy wood, Marilla, masterpiece, marsh furniture, custom cabinets and solid wood construction for your cabinet remodelling and innovation. We also have the stainless steel drawers for your kitchen drawers. Though we have our recommendations, the choice is always yours. We make sure that we guide appropriately in order for you to make the correct choice for your kitchen remodelling.



Restaurant Kitchen Design

Each restaurant has its own kitchen design that best suits it. The kitchen designs selected will depend on the restaurant size, your desires and the availability of space. Also, choose a kitchen design that will fit and have charging area for your chefs and cooks. The restaurant designs that we recommend include:

The island kitchen design

The contemporary kitchens

Blocked or zoned kitchen

Line assembly kitchen design



  • The island kitchen design

In this type of restaurant, the oven, fryers, grill and other kitchen equipment are placed in one central place in the kitchen. The other equipment such as the sinks, and dirt dumping zones are located on the walls of the kitchen. The kitchen can be fitted into different shapes and sizes according to your preference.

  • Blocked or zoned kitchen design

In this type of kitchen design, the important equipment is located along the wall. Everything is it the storage and dishwashing are in blocks. This is important for the smooth running of your restaurant.


  • Line kitchen design

We recommend line kitchen design for restaurants that need to serve many people at first as possible.in this kitchen design, fewer dishes are used. Therefore, this type of restaurant kitchen design is suitable for fast moving foods such as pizza and sandwich.



Equipment that st Pete contractors provide for your restaurant kitchen

We provide kitchen sinks that are stainless and of high quality. The material that we recommend for your restaurant floor includes the use of marble, slate, coral stone, coquina tiles, Mexican tile and wood floor. We recommend the use of marble, Corian, granite, Cambria and Caesar stones for the remodelling of your countertops.st, Pete remodelling contractors offer you window and door materials for your remodelling. The material that we encourage you to use are casements, single hang, glasses for your windows and grinders. We make sure that we provide you with door materials that will be waterproof to avoid being damaged by water. We provide kitchen cabinets made of teddy wood and solid wood among other good and preferred features for your kitchen. Apart from that, we also provide kitchen appliances for restaurant kitchens. We encourage our clients to think on the option offered very carefully before you decide on which material you will love to use on your remodelling and remodelling type that is best for you. We assure you that our contractors are the best and we are looking forward to working with you in producing the best restaurant kitchen that you will love.


 Bath Remodel.

At St Pete remodels, we have bat remodelling contractors who provide bath remodelling services that include remodelling of showers, remodelling of bathroom cabinets, tub renovations and tub and shower renovation. Our remodelling contractors are professionals and highly experienced .we also have clients that have already worked with us and guess what, all of them did like our services.in your bath remodelling, we make sure that your walls are the waterproof type .we deal in both small bathrooms remodel and large bathroom remodel.

For the small bathroom remodelling, we suggest the installations of showers instead of a tub .this is simply because the tub might occupy a lot of space and leave no spacing for walking or even no space for door close.at st Pete remodels, we make sure that sure bath walls and surrounds are durable and waterproof .we also install quality showers and provide you with waterproof doors and enclosures. Your small bathroom might not require a cabinet because of its size but if our client will require one, we recommend the installation of smaller cabinets on the walls if the shower.

In spacious bathrooms, we recommend the installation of tubs and cabinets for your storage .st Pete contractors offer Jacuzzi and spa tubs for the remodelling and renovations of your home.

We give you recommendations and we leave ball unto you to decide what type of remodelling you want. Immediately after communicating to us about your preferences and taste.st, Pete contractors assure you that we will get back at you as soon as possible and make sure that your bath is remodelled in a best-preferred way.



How to get your Kitchen and Bath Remodeled

For your bath and your kitchen to get remodelled, we have a procedure or steps that one must follow to make the communication easy and first.in this case, we have well-stipulated steps for you to follow if you are interested in our services.


            Step 1

Make a choice on the home remodelling that will match what you want and prefer.st, Pete contractors will then ask you questions that will help us find the best contractors that you need.

             Step 2

We will then give you information on contractors that are available and are up to the task.

             Step 3

             Our contractors will contact you to discuss and narrow down your choices or you can contact them by yourself.

There is a long list of kitchen and bath remodeling services that you can get from St. Pete Custom Kitchen & Bath Remodelers. We use high quality raw materials, modern technology, and our highly skilled team to deliver the best results. Feel free to get in touch with us if you are looking for the best kitchen and bath remodeling deals that the market has to offer.